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Last updated: 9/11/20


1.1.  The Company (El Valle Pest Control, LLC) may recommend consideration of other solutions methods and services such as, but not limited to sanitization, structural restorations, correction of conditions conducive to pests or modifications at the premise of service to prevent pest access. The Company may offer these additional services related to pest problems upon request but limitations may exist. In any case, the Customer is responsible for required modifications related to pest problems that may be outside of our control or service location.

1.2.  Our 100% satisfaction guarantee offers additional control inspections and/or applications for up to 30 days for targeted pests, at no additional cost to the Customer, under minor to moderate pest reoccurrence, in-between visit dates per service agreement, and as evaluated by the applicator or as stated in Service Proposal. Re-applications at no cost will only apply if sanitary conditions are adequate, service location is reasonably clean, and conducive conditions to pests are corrected.

1.3.  Most indoor treatment areas may require treatment location to be unoccupied during application and with re-entry time of at least until pesticide is dry, unless otherwise advised by the applicator. 

1.4.  Outside treatments must be applied in proper weather conditions. Pesticide spray or other applicable treatments may need to be rescheduled if weather inclemencies exist to avoid pesticide drift and/or runoff, and the Customer will be contacted for rescheduling. 

1.5.  The Company does not provide for the repair of present or future damages to the service address, nor does it provide reimbursement for the repair of expenses allegedly arising from pest infestations, equipment or materials used for pest control.

1.6.  The Company is not responsible for claims of damages to property or persons which may result indirectly from work performed by the Company, with the exception of gross negligence on the part of the Company.

1.7.  The Company will perform requested services following labels, service agreement, potential addenda of service Agreement if any, as well as federal, state of Texas and El Paso County regulations.

1.8.  The Customer and The Company agree to treat service terms or sensitive personal or business information within the provided services or Service Agreement as strictly confidential.

1.9.  The Company reserves the right to change fees due to severe pest infestation that requires a dramatic change in the plan of work or resources for adequate pest control.

1.10.  The Company will exercise reasonable care while performing any work hereunder to try to avoid damaging any part of the structure(s), plants or animals. Under no circumstances or conditions shall the company be responsible for damage caused by the company at the time the work is performed, except those damages resulting from gross negligence on the part of the company.

1.11.  We reserve the right to decline service if overdue unpaid balance and if any safety concerns towards our technicians or staff. 


1.12  Quarterly Pest Control (Quarterly or monthly billing):

El Valle Pest Control takes care of and prevents issues by using a broad and intelligent approach towards pest management through initial knockdown and quarterly visits for season specific inspections, tactics and applications. We'll identify and help to fix conducive conditions to pest such as sources of food, water and shelter, all while using low risks products and integrative methods for eco-friendly pest control. 

Schedule and Procedures:
The initial visit targets adults pests in hot spots, base and perimeter of your home for fast knockdown. After the initial service, reapplication may be arranged if needed within 7-40 days to re-target emerging pests and per technician's recommendations, if any. The following quarterly visits will be scheduled approximately every 3 months for season specific applications, durable results and control throughout the year.
After each visit, please allow a few days (at least 5-7 days) for pest populations to undergo treatment or any other recommendations given by the applicator/technician. Most pesticides work by contact, meaning that the bugs and insects have to get in contact (touch or eat) with the chemical for the pesticidal process to begin. It can be normal to see a 1 or a few bugs every once in a while (specially after rainy days), but they should die after a while from getting in contact with the different pesticidal products and formulations applied. If issues persists or any concerns, please contact us.
Service will be performed mainly to the exterior of the property. Interior spray and treatments can be done during every visit or if requested. The Company will contact the Customer to set up an appointment and the tech will arrive as scheduled to provide services. In most cases, good exterior control may decrease the need for interior applications. The Customer agrees to make the exterior of the property available for treatment(s) as needed. If the Customer is not available by the time of the pest control visit, the technician will provide service to the exterior of the property and leave a note. The card of file will be charged monthly as usual until cancelation of services.
To re-schedule, the Company must be contacted at least 24-48 hours in advance.

Covered Pests: 
Standard pests covered are ants (except carpenter ants), spiders, scorpions, cockroaches (except german roaches), house crickets, paper wasps, silverfish, firebrats, centipedes and millipedes. Other pests such as rodents, german roaches, carpenter ants, birds, etc., can be treated at additional charge or change in pest control plan.

Botanical product options, 5+ crack and crevice sealing, mosquito control, wasp nest and spider web removal are available at additional cost or through Premium Service Plans. 


2.1   The applicator will perform at least the number of service visits as stated in a Service Agreement or verbal treatment recommendation.

2.2   Appointments may be arranged accordingly to the establishment’s open and close hours, as specified in a Service Agreement, as arranged with Customer, and per recommended timelines for adequate pest management and control.

2.3   The Customer may be contacted by the preferred communication method to schedule an appointment prior to the visit due date if there are no preexisting visit arrangements.                      

2.4   Appointments may be canceled or rescheduled to a future date with at least 24-hour notice. Failure to reschedule or cancel with less than 24-hour notice may result in an additional fee.

2.5   Services between 11 am-5 am may be subject to a night fee. 



3.1   The applicator may inspect the establishment for problem identification, structural features or practices contributing to pest issues and possible solutions.       

3.2   The applicator will determine the appropriate treatment(s) or solution(s). The Customer will be notified of these, any applicable restrictions or conditions to the pesticide application, re-entry times and other applicable information as needed. 

3.3   Completed pest control treatments are guaranteed. Guarantee timelines may be indicated by applicator, service agreement or proposal. Treatment completion is required to entirely control targeted pests and continuity can guarantee control over time. Incomplete treatments or neglected recommendations may result in loss of service guarantee. 

3.4   Restrictions for applications and reapplications may exist for any pesticide. The Customer will be informed of such restrictions or accommodations to be made.

3.5   Areas for treatment application should be clean and dry before every treatment. Cleaning and sanitization services are available.

3.6   Food-handling establishments must take special pest spread precautions such as inspecting merchandise for pests, proper trash disposal, hygienic areas and practices, proper food storage, etc. 

3.7   Counters, tables or food contact surfaces must be cleaned after every pesticide application. All food products or materials, toys, other personal or sensible objects must be stored or properly covered prior to every pesticide application visit or discarded if exposed. 

3.8   Limitations of personnel or individuals present at the time of treatment application may apply. The Company will inform the Customer of any applicable occupancy restrictions.

3.9   The applicator will document and inform the Customer and establishment, about any potential conductive to pests noted at services address during service performance, such as but not limited to damaged wires or water drips.



4.1   The Company will provide the following documentation in paper and/or by email for the duration of this Service Agreement: notice of pest control as needed, consumer information sheet, records of pesticide use, visit findings and recommendations if any, trap and bait station layout if any. 

4.2   Product label and Safety Data Sheets (SDS) may be provided upon request. 

4.3   The Customer shall keep records of visits and documentation provided by the applicator and/or Company.  



5.1   Service payment will be accepted prior, after each treatment or other arrangements if previously agreed. 

5.2  Payment methods include debit or credit cards, online payments, recurring billing, check or cash. 

5.3  An additional fee may be added to an invoice if extra visits are continuously required to collect overdue payments.

5.4  An additional fee may be added to an invoice that is 90 days overdue. 

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