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Mosquitoes are tiny insects that are known for how annoying  they can be. They have long, thin bodies with wings and feed on the blood of animals, including humans, by poking a needle-like structure into the skin to suck blood, some of them even carrying diseases. Their bites are recognizable  for causing discomfort by itching for a period of time.

Mosquito Control

Professional Pest and Insect Control Services

If you have ever dealt with a serious mosquito issue then you understand the urgency. While mosquitos are a common part of summer and they are everywhere, when the problem requires a mosquito exterminator then you demand exterminator services you can rely on.

 A bad mosquito problem can ruin your picnics, your grill-outs, your day in the pool, and virtually any other outdoor activity if you don't get effective pest control services.

Don't let mosquitoes eat away at your summer fun, or you and those you care about, and get an exterminator you can rely on for all of your pest control problems. If you need a mosquito exterminator you can depend on, then let the professional and experienced techs at El Valle Pest Control help. We make dealing with mosquitos easy, and we can make your outdoor activities more enjoyable with effective mosquito extermination services.

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Expert Service

Mosquitoes are not only a nuisance but also can be vectors for disease. Thorough pest management practices with chemical and non-chemical methods will maintain control over mosquitoes and help relieve the burden.  As in any of our pest control solutions, customer satisfaction is guaranteed, or we go back at no additional cost!  



types of mosquitoes in Texas

Why is it important to understand the type of mosquitoes we are dealing with? two simple reasons..

  • Disease Prevention: Different mosquito species can carry various diseases. Identifying the species can help us understand the risk and take the necessary precautions.

  • Effective Control: Identifying the specific mosquitoes in an area allows us to use the right methods to control them. Different species have different habits and breeding grounds, so accurate identification leads to more effective control measures.

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