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nuisance Bird Control

     Pigeons and their droppings can carry viral and bacterial pathogens, as well as insects such as ticks, mites, and other organisms. Furthermore, due to the acid in bird droppings, structures can suffer significant damage due to corrosion of materials, when humidity and droppings remain unattended for a long time, potentially causing roof leaks, extensive damage, and expensive repairs. If you are looking for pest control for pigeons, our service includes nest removal, cleanup, area disinfection and insecticide application when needed. With proper treatment and maintenance, we make sure birds stay away from our customer's property for good!


We do not poison, KILL or harm birds. We effectively remove suitable conditions and resolve bird problems with the best barrier and deterrent options for each customer. 


No loose materials or

half-done jobs..

only high-quality pest management! 





 Costs vary depending on the severity of the problem, cleaning requirements and deterrents of choice. We target Bird Imprinting and Resident Birds for long term solutions, and the materials that we install last for years to come, guaranteed!

     We offer many nuisance bird control options to adjust to every preference and budget. Also,,discrete deterrents and materials are available, which will not only take care of the bird problem, but will also be barely noticeable!

     Our expert pest control services address a wide range of urban pests, from common insects to challenging pigeon pest infestationWe start by providing an inspection and estimate, we'll talk to you about the problem conditions and options for long lasting bird control results. Call us to schedule an inspection and get rid of those annoying birds!


Pigeons can be discouraged from a particular place but will try to relocate.

with preventive measures, we'll make sure your property is protected, and you.. undisturbed!

Problem with Birds and Pigeons

Urban pigeons breed during all seasons and have a relatively fast life cycle. Females lay 1-2 eggs around 12 times per year and chicks hatch after about 18 days of incubation. Pigeons are social animals, they leave the parent’s nest at around 1 month of age but stay around the area and create nests close by.


Pigeons imprint on their nesting place; large enough populations can cause problems that can accumulate relatively fast and reach severe enough conditions where other structural components may be damaged or clogged. Each pigeon defecates about 40-50 times per day. Bacterial and viral pathogens can be found in pigeon droppings, as well as a variety of insects that can eventually enter homes through cracks or crevices, such as bird mites, ticks, flies and carpet beetles.


Furthermore, bird droppings are acidic; large accumulation of bird droppings can corrode roof materials over time, potentially causing holes in roof surfaces when these kind of issues remain unattended for a long time. It is possible for cracks and openings to develop over time in roof surfaces and when droppings are removed these cracks and openings are then exposed and can lead to leaks. Birds can be discouraged from a particular place but will try to relocate. Our pigeon control specialists have many years of experience in pigeon control and we guarantee results and areas under control for all complete treatments. Nuisance bird control often requires corrective, preventive and monitoring actions for best results and long term control. Having a pigeon control specialist on your side is the best way to eliminate and prevent problems!

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