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Pest Control Service El Paso TX. Residential and Commercial Pest Management Services.
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Expert Pest Control You Can Count On

Mosquito Control in El Paso TX by El Valle Pest Control. Reduction of mosquito population is essential for public health. El Valle Pest Control offer mosquitrol services for your home or business. Mosquitoes can breed and congrate in many places at your home, get a professional inspection and control that will help to reduce mosquito populations during peak seasons.


Termite control in El Paso TX by El Valle Pest Control. Termites in your home? Need pre-construction treatment? El Valle Pest Control offers high quality and guaranteed termite control services as well as control and extermination of other wood destryoing insects such as carpenter bees, carpenter mites, wood borers and more!


Pest contro in El Paso for spider mites, milkweed bugs, weeds, lawn diseases and much more by El Valle Pest Control!


pests & Weeds 

Need professional help with wildlife at your home? We can help with home intruders such as raccoons, skunks, squirrels and more!

wildlife control

Best Commercial Pest Control Services in El Paso TX by El Valle Pest Control. We cater services for Restaurants, Hotels, Warehouses, Governmental and many more locations.


Ticks & Fleas



Bed Bugs


& Much More

Pest Control You Can Count On

El Valle Pest Control is the trustworthy source for all of your residential and commercial pest control needs throughout El Paso County. We are a local pest control company that provide comprehensive exterminating services to effectively eliminate a variety of pests, including cockroaches, black widows, recluse black widows, rodents, bed bugs, termites, mice and rats, and even pigeons and other nuisance wildlife. Our highly trained technicians use the latest pest control methods and products to provide the most effective pest management solutions. We take the time to evaluate your unique situation and create a customized treatment plan that meets your needs while still being safe and respectful of your property.

El Valle Pest Control

integrated pest management

Our pest control service principles rely on a comprehensive pest management approach: Inspection, Prevention, Treatment, Follow-Up, and Monitoring. 

Basic spray service includes recommendations in pest exclusion, prevention and other non-chemical corrective and preventive actions.

When looking for an El Paso exterminator, our courteous and expert professionals can help!



Great service! Reasonably priced and quite effective. Very pleased so far. Highly recommended.

- Diana

Great customer service! Very knowledgeable! Pests stopped showing up after the first treatment. Highly recommend El Valle Pest Control!!

- Josh

Pest Control You Can Count on

With 12+ in the industry, El Valle Pest Control takes care of pest problems with the utmost care and efficiency. Whether it's ants, mosquitoes, or any other type of household insect, our local exterminator will be able to assess the issue and develop a pest management program that specifically targets the issue. We are committed to using only the best products and methods available. Our local exterminators have extensive knowledge about different kinds of insects and how best to get rid of them promptly. In addition, we'll work closely with you to ensure that our treatments remain effective in the long run. With our experienced team on the job, you can trust that we'll always do whatever it takes to keep your home or business pest-free. When it comes to reliable and effective pest control in El Paso, TX, our team has a proven track record of delivering exceptional services to both residential and commercial clients




El Paso County, TX

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