Covid 19


Dear Customer,


As part of prevention efforts to slow the pandemic spread and along with guidelines provided by the CDC and local governmental authorities, these are the steps that we are taking: 

  • For residential customers, we are focusing on exterior treatments for the time being. Interior services will be performed on a case-by-case basis or if specifically requested.


  • For commercial accounts, we are continuing to provide interior services by closing time and when the location is unoccupied.

  • We are keeping distance and refraining from person to person contact, avoiding hand-shaking, etc. For now, we have also stopped asking signatures for paper receipts.

  • Invoices and copy of record of products used are beings sent electronically whenever possible. Electronic payments are encouraged in order to limit cash handling. ​


  • We continue to use PPE as recommended by product label and CDC guidelines for COVID-19. 


  • We increased cleaning and disinfection of frequently touched surfaces in vehicles, equipment, office space, etc. 


We realize that everyone is facing unique challenges right now. As we all continue to learn more about the situation, please do not hesitate to contact us if any questions in pest management arise and if we can be of any help over the phone or online. 

If you have questions about Disinfecting/Sanitization Services, please contact us. 

Please be safe, mindful of others, and take care of yourselves and your families. 

Thank you,

El Valle Pest Control

P: (915) 407-4967