Wildlife Control


Mice and Rats are associated with contamination and disease. With monitoring and a variety of extermination methods, we eliminate and prevent rodents at residential and commercial properties. Eliminating the root cause of the problem whenever posible is always recommended; we identify hot stops and help to reduce or remove conducive conditions to rodents, therefore reducing health risks. 

Small Animal Live Trapping

Urban wildlife is often forced to relocate and spread due to new construction and human occupancy. Wild animals can become a pest or nuisance when they are around or taking up residence in your property. They can also carry zoonotic pathogens that can be potentially transmitted to people and pets. 

We solve problems that small animals may create for each specific customer and location. Healthy looking squirrels, raccoons, skunks, ringtails and opossums are captured and released back to the wild.

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Often, trapping and relocation are required for an immediate solution if the animal has become a nuisance. The animals get released the same day they are trapped and do not get hurt in the process. Then, exclusion or other control methods are applied for long term prevention. 


How to Keep Wildlife Away

  • Always maintain trash disposals closed and in good condition. Some animals may find a way to open lids; lock them if necessary and when possible. 

  • Avoid leaving pet food outside if you know there are small animals in your area.

  • Protect your yard with a fence or other barriers. Make sure not to create a "ladder" for them to climb through. Some animals are better climbers than others. 

  • Avoid animals from digging beneath a porch or other structures by installing a wire mesh or other adequate barrier of your preference. Burry the bottom at least 3-4 ft below the ground and extend it least 1 ft. onward. 

  • If possible, remove shelter options and entry points, but be careful not to leave the animal(s) trapped inside. 

  • There are many wildlife deterrents and repellents in the market, but in our experience, only a few actually work and may be adequate for the specific location.

  • Never feed a wild animal. 

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